Adaptive Product Reviews is the brainchild of poet and essayist Jamie Hale. Faced with an ever-expanding market of products for disabled people, but few reviews to help them decide what to purchase, Jamie decided to set up Adaptive Product Reviews.

It takes products aimed both at mainstream and disabled markets, and reviews them from the perspective of the disabled consumer. Some of the products were purchased by the reviewer for themselves, while other products are sample products sent by the designer or distributor.

If there’s a product you want to see reviewed, if you want to review a product, or you have a product for us to review, simply email and we’ll get back to you!

If instead you are a keen writer and want to start reviewing products for us, just get in touch using the above email address and we’ll get started. At the moment I make no money from the site, and buy or am sent all products. I will be able to send sample products on to other writers who might be appropriate for reviewing products, but am not in a position to pay myself or anyone else.

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