The Brabantia Universal Opener makes it possible for me to open jars and bottles with limited arm strength.

Brabantia Universal Opener, £6.75,

The Brabantia Universal Opener is essentially a large set of jaws on a handle. I struggle with my grip and arm strength, and tend to battle jars for extended periods before giving up and accepting that I can’t open them. This device has given me back a lot of independence when it comes to opening things – able to help with anything from a small bottle to a large jar.

There are various sizes of jaw, each of which has protruding ‘teeth’. You put these round the neck of the lid, and close the handles with one hand, before twisting to remove the lid. The longer the ‘lever’ the less hard work it is to use, and this makes opening bottles and jars far easier than if you were to try to do it with your hands.

My dad has arthritis, and we always had one of these in the house growing up, and as an independent adult I quickly realised I needed one for myself.

It isn’t just me who benefits from this, many of my PAs (carers) and housemates have found the jar opener very useful for their own purposes, and I thoroughly recommend it. It’s an attractive and well-made product which is excellent for its purposes.

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