Electric Toothbrush – Oral-B Smart 6000N

The Oral B 600N toothbrush on its stand, with the toothbrush heads beside it. Behind it is the toothbrush box, and a travel case for it
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Oral-B Smart 6000N, £84.99, Amazon.co.uk

Shameful confession. I didn’t realise it made any difference whether I used the disposable electric toothbrushes bought in bulk in the shop when they were down to £3, or a good expensive toothbrush until I owned this one.

Before buying it, I was about to spend £50 at the hygienist to get my teeth properly cleaned. I realised it would make far more sense to follow my dentist’s recommendation, and get a good toothbrush (which I could use repeatedly), rather than a single hygienist appointment.

With that thought in mind, I went looking for toothbrushes. The cheap electric toothbrushes which are single use have their place – I would still travel with one – but having owned a proper one I plan never to go back to the cheap ones on a long term basis!

When I looked for a toothbrush I had a few requirements: good battery life (because PAs would forget to charge it), timer, tells you when you’re brushing too hard. I didn’t require that my toothbrush had 5 settings, and I certainly didn’t need it to discuss my tooth brushing with my phone! I’m very suspicious of an Internet of Things toothbrush that feeds back to me (and the manufacturer probably) about how I use it, but I ended up with one anyway. I haven’t connected it to my phone, but it offers that option.

I struggled with the arm activity involved in brushing my teeth, and didn’t really know how hard to press, so wore through toothbrushes very quickly. This one, crucially, doesn’t require the same arm work that the vibrating manual toothbrushes I used did. It’s designed so the brush is just held against each surface of each tooth, and it does the rest of the work. Alarmingly, in less than a week, my teeth are noticeably whiter – to the point that people are commenting on it.

I was seduced by the price reduction from £219.99 to £69.99, and could probably have gone cheaper. That was a lot of money to spend on a toothbrush, but it has made a difference, so I guess it’ll save me money in the long run!

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