A pregnancy pillow has the ability to surround my body on both sides and support me.

CosyDreams U-shaped body pillow, £19.95, Amazon.co.uk

I really struggle with positioning in bed. If I’m not adequately supported I don’t have much ability to use my upper body, and I tend to slip into uncomfortable positions. I have a profiling bed with airflow mattress, but this isn’t enough to position me as supportively as I need. I used to have a standard V pillow, then I discovered pregnancy pillows and never looked back.

I usually buy this one but have found I needed bigger pillow cases made for it. This pillow supports me by day behind my head with my arms resting on the ‘arms’ of the pillow, while at night I’m usually positioned on my side, with one leg and one arm bent on top of the pillow, one arm under the pillow, and the pillow itself wedged against my back to stop me slipping onto my back. It has really increased my comfort, and I pair it with (as needed) a neck pillow that tightens in front of my neck to support my head, a small pillow behind my head, the leg break in the bed bent to prevent me slipping down the bed, and a pillow under my calves to keep my heels (prone to pressure sores) from resting on the mattress.

I always feel a bit ridiculous, especially when I’m admitted to hospital and insist on bringing this pillow – the size of a person – with me, but it’s really helpful for keeping me positioned comfortably and correctly.

This is the neck pillow I use, mostly because it provides 360 degree support, and can be fastened up in front of my neck to provide adequate support for my head without being as restrictive as a brace.

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