A clear catheter bag with blue lines across it

3-Litre Single Use Night Bag

The 3 litre sterile single use catheter bag solved one of the problems with care, catheters and drinking for me. I was always limited in how much I can drink by the size of my catheter bag. This is something I find particularly difficult when I’m relying on a PA to come in and empty my catheter bag in the morning, and when I get a very dry mouth from my medication.

The solution for me has been this 3 litre night bag. A bag of that capacity is hard to fill overnight, and it makes me a lot less anxious about being left an indeterminable amount of time if a PA is late.

If you get a lot of infections, using the same night bag (as often recommended) for 5-7 days can be a major cause of infection. For me, swapping from that to sterile single use bags really helped. If you’re leaving a night bag alone all day, then reconnecting to it every night, the bacteria left in the bag breed and colonise it, massively increasing your infection risk. I now only use these 3 litre single use night bags, which work far better for me.

The downside is the tap. They’re designed such that once the bag has been opened to be drained, it cannot be closed again. This means that they can’t accidentally be used, put aside, then reused, but the tap itself is very poorly designed. In theory, the bottom of the tap can be twisted off, allowing it to drain, but in practice that is very difficult for PAs to do – and impossible to do without getting covered in urine. Some cut it off, while others simply cut a slit in the bag in order to drain it – but regardless of method, it can be a messy procedure.