A breathing mask, as if worn by an invisible head. The headgear is stretched as if round a head, with the mask covering where the nose would be. A tube curves from the nose to coil below the image.

ResMed AirFit N20 Nasal Mask

£105 from ResMed, provided to me for free by my respiratory clinic

The ResMed AirFit N20 is the nasal counterpart to the F20 full face mask. It is designed in a very similar way, and looks like a miniature version of the F20.

Because it is a nasal mask rather than a full face mask, it allows you to eat, drink, and talk while wearing it, which is a huge advantage over masks which prevent that. It does mean air can escape from your mouth rather than going into your lungs, but if you’re able to keep your mouth closed then this can work really well.

It has a similar silicone design and fits well over my nose, even with the nasal feeding tube. Again I use a large cushion with it to accommodate the feeding tube, but the different cushion sizes fit into the same frame, making it easy to swap to a different cushion where needed.

It is a minimal contact mask, and is supported by pads on your jaw and forehead, which I’ve never noticed or felt. It has a very fine tube and elbow meaning that whatever angle your head is at, the tube can fit comfortably around your face.

The headgear is connected using velcro straps and magnetic clasps, meaning that it is easy to get on and off and isn’t fiddly. The headgear is the same as that for the AirFit F20, which also means that I think the two would be interchangeable.

While this mask works well for me, I would recommend that if you’re using a nasal and a full face mask you choose ones of different brands, so that you don’t get the same pressure areas from both masks.