A full face breathing mask with a triangular shape, shown round an invisible head.

ResMed AirFit F20 Full Face Mask

£125 from ResMed, provided to me for free by my respiratory clinic

The ResMed F20 is a standard full-face mask for CPAP and non-invasive ventilation. It covers the mouth and nose, making it suitable for people who are mouth breathers, and people who struggle to hold their mouths closed.

The problem with all full-face masks is that they make it impossible to talk and eat, and this is no exception. I use it while I’m sleeping, and I tend to use a smaller nasal mask when awake.

The F20 feels very comfortable, and a variety of cushion sizes click into the same plastic frame, making it possible to work out what works for you on an individual basis. I tend to use it with a large cushion to accommodate my nasal feeding tube, but it would probably fit better with a medium cushion.

The headgear is designed with magnetic clips, which I find far easier to use than the clasps of the Amara View. The higher straps are tightened and loosened with velcro, and the lower ones just clasp on magnetically.

The cushion is made of a very soft silicone, but I still find that it creates sores on the bridge of my nose. This problem is magnified by the fact that I use the nasal version of this mask while awake, meaning the pressure remains on the same part of my nose. I also find that (as a function of it being too large, maybe) air often escapes around the sides, making an unexpected farting noise. This will not happen for days, then suddenly one night all my mask can do is fart!

My air leak remains reasonably low, suggesting that this mask is working well for meeting my needs while I sleep, although it isn’t ideal for use while awake.