A blue catheter bag hanger with blue hooks at both ends

Flexihang by Flexicare

Flexihang, Flexicare, price on request

Until I used the flexihang, I thought all night-bag hangers were about the same: lasted a couple of weeks, tore through the top corners / holes in the night bag, fell off the bed all the time, and eventually snapped. Then I was discharged from hospital with my supplies, and this miraculous object appeared before me. Since then, I refuse to be separated from this – all my feelings about my catheter are projected into my need to have a flexihang spare. I’m not joking.

It’s just a catheter bag hanger, but it’s the perfect catheter bag hanger. Most catheter bags have at least 4 push-out holes at the top, but many hangers only have two points at which a bag can be attached. This hanger has four points, and the ones at each end have a clip that goes over the plastic of the bag, securing it in place. This means that the bags stay securely attached. The hanger is also strong enough to hold a full 3 litre catheter bag – more than can be said for most. It has a handle for carrying the catheter bag, and on top of the handle is a clip to keep the tubing running down into the bag straight.

There are a multitude of ways of attaching the bag to your bed – the handles bend to hook over rails on a bed, or onto rope grips either side of your mattress, but also fold flat between a mattress and bed, to leave the bag hanging that way instead – not needing a rail. I’ve used both methods, depending on the bed I’ve been sleeping in.

The bad news is I have no idea how to get you one of these hangers. If I had enough people who were interested, I’d potentially buy them in bulk and sell on to other people. Otherwise, you can try approaching Flexicare directly, or contact your medical supplies company. Flexicare do their own medical supplies delivery, so if your GP will let you order your catheter supplies through them, that might be another way of getting your hands on their hanger – that worked for me in the past.