Four trainers in a row, yellow, blue, pink, black. Each one is laced with a corresponding coloured pair of laces. Where the knot of a bow on laces would be, there is instead a small white clasp.

Greeper Shoelaces

Greeper sport laces, £7.95, trabasack,

Shoes are a pain. Shoelaces are enough of a pain with dexterous hands, but when you struggle to tie them and are always falling over them once tied, they can become no end of frustration. Mine are always getting caught in my footplate or under my wheels, and even though I can’t move my legs I still somehow end up in no small tangle, so some laces which might avoid that looked like a very good idea.

Recently various options for keeping your laces tied and tight have hit the market. Many of these have been only aimed at children and athletes, but Greeper have taken the step of marketing them consciously both at athletes and at disabled people who might struggle with shoelaces. Many “no-tie” shoelaces seem to be elasticated, meaning that they’ll stretch over time, whereas the Greeper laces are made of actual shoelaces, meaning they’ll hopefully last longer without that stretching. While they’re not cheap compared to ordinary laces, I’m hoping that lots of use will mean that that they end up more than paying for themselves.

These laces are quick and easy to fit, following very clear instructions, and they’re easy to loosen with one hand, although they take two hands to tighten. The packaging is neat and clear with obvious instructions. They’re a simple product done well – but there’s more to it than that – their design.

Greepers understand that their target market isn’t just disabled children, but also fashion-conscious teens and busy professionals. As a result they sell a version with the flat laces found in converse and skate shoes, and another version designed for professionals with a small pewter tab (link). The fact that they’ve understood this is a huge plus in my book – disabled people are often either given products aimed at children or products aimed at institutions, and the fact that greeper have done a variety of versions for different people is really impressive.

In their practical application these shoelaces work really well to avoid all the fiddly aspects of tying and untying shoelaces, and I really recommend them. Whether you’re an athlete or lacking in dexterity, these shoelaces are definitely worth a try.