This image shows a pair of black gloves

Gripper Convertible Gloves, £53.95

Alpine Trek, £53.95

This winter, with the pandemic, I’ve been investing in outdoor wear. I’ve realised that if I want to see friends at all, obviously from 2 m away, I will have to be able to spend time outside. In winter I usually freeze, even if I am also wearing a hot water bottle (I’m usually wearing a hot water bottle).

I tend to wear fingerless woollen or acrylic gloves. They allow me to still control my phone with my fingertips, and drive the chair, but I find them very slippery, and if they get wet it is freezing cold. With that in mind, I wanted to buy something a bit warmer.

My criteria were pretty strict. I wanted it to be warm, waterproof, and fingerless. After a lot of research and a conversation with an expert at Alpine track, the gripper convertible gloves were recommended to me. They are waterproof and windproof, with a grippy palm, and fingerless. However they have a mitten back that can be pulled over the fingers, and a cute little mini micro mitten for the thumb. This means that I can have my thumb or fingers out independently, and can leave what I need free to control the phone, while otherwise staying as warm as possible.

I originally bought a medium, but returned it for a small. They seem to run quite large in terms of size. Even with a small, I can fit my acrylic fingerless gloves underneath them for an extra layer of warmth. That said, I haven’t found I’ve needed to, and I’ve actually stayed more than warm enough without. They looked quite thin, and I didn’t expect them to be as warm as they are.

One of my problems with the woollen gloves is that my grip isn’t great, and things kept sliding off my palm. These gloves are incredibly grippy, meaning that I can hold onto things far more effectively. It almost makes me want to wear them all the time indoors as well!

When I was in a manual wheelchair, I really struggled to find any gloves that would work for me. Everything was either too fragile to put up with the wear and tear on the wheel rims, or didn’t keep my hands at all warm. I don’t know whether these would work for a manual wheelchair user, but I would say they’re worth a try.

For me, they’re ideal. I know that they’re expensive, but they were a worthwhile investment.