A circle of split-rings (as found on keyrings) in a variety of colours. Each has a clip attached to it.

Keyring zip pulls

From £1.89 (but potentially available in cheaper options), ebay.co.uk

I struggle with my grip more and more, and zips have become a bit of a nightmare. I use them (I have to), but they often slip between my fingers. I’ve looked at solutions like a dressing stick (link) but my problem is also dexterity, and I didn’t think going fishing for my zips would end well for me.

I didn’t want a really bright or obvious solution, and I did want one which was easily added and removed – then I had a brainwave – keyrings. These clips with attached keyring (link) are easy to attach to individual zips, and easy to remove. This means that if I’m going to struggle with a zip (like a trouser zip) they can be left on and in place, whereas if it’s a zip I only sometimes need assistance with, I can only attach it where needed.

You can buy similar things in lots of different colours (link) to help them blend in with clothing, and to make any zip-up clothing more accessible.

This is a cheap solution for a common problem – and in my opinion allows you to continue to look smart and professional, while making zips far easier to manage.