`The Remington Barba beard trimmer in front of its box. Both the beard trimmer and the box are black

Beard trimmer – Remington Barba (MB 320-C)

Remington Barba, £19.99, Amazon.co.uk

I quite like to have a bit of a beard, but if I grow more than a little one it starts to interfere with the mask I wear to support my breathing at night. My facial hair is also incredibly patchy, and my face is covered in tape from the feeding tube. I’d always gone with cheap razors because I was worried about slicing my face open with an expensive one. A few months ago, I peeled a strip of skin from my face with the razor when my arm shook, and I decided it was time to stick to a beard trimmer.

I wanted one that was inexpensive, rugged, good quality, cut hair to lots of different lengths, didn’t have a million parts, and had a rechargeable battery instead of needing plugging in to operate. The one I chose was the Remington Barba.

I’ve dropped it on the bathroom floor quite a few times without it breaking, which is a good sign, it seems to be quite hard to damage. Instead of having lots of blades you have to clip on to set the hair length, it has one set of blades that can be altered in length by turning a wheel on the trimmer. For cutting neat edges, it also has a little flip-out trimmer, which helps me aim for something vaguely symmetrical on my face.

The battery life is incredible. I rarely remember to charge it, and it still works wonderfully. It also cuts through my coarse hair very well, and I’ve never cut myself with it, which is always a good thing.

The main downside is that it doesn’t cut very short, even if you remove the blades and use it without them. This means that I always have a bit of stubble, no matter how recently I shaved. For special events, I use a proper razor (50% chance I turn up at the event with a cut across my face, 50% chance I turn up with a neat beard), but for day to day use this works very well.