A black coffee cup with a straw and a picture of a rhino. To its right is a black disk, which is the coffee cup collapsed

Stojo Brooklyn Reuseable Coffee Cup

Stojo Brooklyn, £11.99, amazon.co.uk (link)

I wasn’t sure whether to bother buying the Stojo Brooklyn (one of the Stojo Biggie range – their larger size cup). My nausea means I struggle with drinks – and that’s constantly being balanced against my desire to have more caffeine. However, I decided I couldn’t justify using disposable cups when I did have a coffee, so I was on the lookout for a cup I could easily carry on my chair. I thought I wanted something that would work with a carabiner, but then I saw someone using their Stojo mug and was sold. These coffee cups fold down into themselves, meaning they can be sealed into a small shape and packed into a bag, essential for me, because I don’t know when I’ll next be able to wash it.

The other crucial thing about these is the straw. Made of silicon, it’s wide enough for the inside to be easily cleanable, and while it doesn’t protrude far above the lid of the cup, it can also be used as a channel for a longer straw if necessary.

If you put it down too hard on a surface, especially if the middle cuff isn’t on properly, you run the risk of sending coffee everywhere, so this cup demands caution, but it’s a better balance of usability and portability than I’ve seen in any other cup yet.