A yellow and turquoise belt clipped into a loop. Below that, a yellow dog lead, with clips at both ends

3 Peaks Running Belt

3 Peaks running belt, £17.99, ebay.co.uk

I had a difficult time finding this product for sale when I came to rewriting this review. The link above goes to an ebay page currently selling one, but if not you may get similar benefit from any other jogging lead with a waistband and a slightly elasticated section of the lead.

Warning: if you are using this with a very high speed dog, consider using a harness.
Otherwise the dog could injure its neck accelerating rapidly against the lead.

“A running belt? You can’t even walk” you wonder, but it’s actually the best lead I’ve tried for independently managing my dog. The yellow and turquoise belt clips round my backrest or my waist to secure him, and the lead attaches to a D ring on that belt. It has a stretchy and non-stretchy element. The stretchy end of it clips to the dog’s harness (or collar) and the non-stretchy end clips to the belt. The lead has a loop which I often hold onto, but if I drop that, or the dog pulls, he remains securely attached to me.

In reality, I’m lucky – he walks perfectly beside me on a loose lead, but if he were to pull, the loop would slip from my hand and he’d be caught by the belt attached to me or my chair. This would prevent me getting any injuries trying to hold him, while letting me feel like I have control of him through the loop on my hand.

The lead is very strong and well-made. It’s held an accelerating greyhound a few times with no difficulty, and it clips easily onto a harness or collar. I would be very wary of trying it clipped round me if I were walking with difficulty or using a manual wheelchair, but the electric is strong enough that it can easily stabilise me and the dog.