A black dog poo grabber, with wide black open jaws

Dog Poo Grabber

Usually when I review products I focus on a specific brand. With dog poo grabbers, I haven’t found one I can recommend whole-heartedly, but there is one that I use.

That is this Pets At Home one, but it isn’t ideal for me. One of the springs broke after about a year, though I managed to repair it. The bigger problem is the strength of grip it requires – you’re pulling against a powerful spring to open the tongs over the poo. If you have a better grip than me it might work well for you in terms of picking up dog poo – and it is very long, making it ideal for people struggling to reach the ground.

It does seem to work with all the usual nappy bags and poo bags that I have lying around the flat. I’ve always been able to pick up most of the poo with it (even really runny poo), and have managed not to get much on the tongs, because you can cover them with the poo bag such that when you grab it it picks it up into the bag. With cheaper bags though the teeth have ripped through the bag – and they’re very sharp if you close them on a finger.

I bought this so that I could feel independent – that I might need a PA with me but that I would be able to carry out the tasks necessary to look after my own animal myself, but actually I can’t really use it. Luckily for my PAs it does mean that they don’t have to use their hands inside a poo bag if they don’t want to!