Slide sheets are made onto a bed. The main part of the image shows their shiny white surface, while the bottom of the image is the green and white vertical stripes of the fabric that folds under the bed when it is made.

WendyLett Base Slide Sheet

WendyLett, price on request (or ask your OT about prescribing them)

I really struggle to move in bed, and don’t always have a PA there when I need them – despite me having care needs all through the day and night, I have limited care funded.

I was prescribed these slide sheets by an OT, and while I use them a bit differently to their original intention, they really help me remain independent and reduce my risk of pressure sores. The ones I have (which I think are these ones) are designed such that you put the base sheet on your bed satin side up, then put another sheet over it crossways on the bed satin side down, so that two PAs can untuck the top sheet and pull you up the bed on it. That didn’t work for me – the top sheet would crease and slide and slip – then I had the genius idea of just using the base sheet.

This turns my mattress into a slippery satin surface, helping me to pull myself around a bit. The risk of this is that it’s very easy to slide down the bed accidentally if sat up in the bed, so I have to be very alert to that and get whatever help I need to move back up the bed before my feet get jammed against the foot of the bed.

Without these sheets I would be completely unable to reposition myself in bed – with them I can’t do much, but I can do more than nothing, even if it’s a struggle.