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Snoozle slide sheet, £27.90,

For a while, I used the standard ETAC slide sheets – which were very useful for moving me up the bed, and were slippery enough that they granted me more independent motion in bed. However, as I struggled more with independent motion, I found that they just meant I was constantly sliding down the bed – which was not ideal, as my feet ended up pressed against the bottom.

After that, I stopped using slide sheets for a while. However, when I’m turned at night, I’m rolled between two big blocks (part of my beloved Symmetrisleep sleep system by Symmetrikit), so I can be moved from lying on one side to the other – without being able to fall onto my back, to offload my back for pressure management. The blocks are fitted in front of my chest and behind my back, and we have to rotate me from left to right.

This is where the Snoozle has been great. Because it’s quite small (72cm by 75cm), it’s easy to get underneath me, and so we put it underneath me, roll me onto my side, and then velcro the blocks under my sheet to hold me on my side.

Now, when someone comes to turn me, all they need to do is pull slightly, and the slide sheet reduces the friction and allows for a smoother, faster, less painful turn, which is better for the backs of my caregivers. This saves us taking the brackets out (waking me), just to roll me, and allows me to sleep through being repositioned usually.

The Snoozle is also far more attractive than my old system, which had green and white stripes – instead it just looks like a piece of white satin with coloured edging – and doesn’t look at all medicalised. This means I am far happier with it than I would be with something that looked like it belonged in a hospital.

It is well-constructed and strong, it slides against itself well. It has the slight downfall (as with all slide sheets) that if I’m sat up in bed I… slide down – but this is inevitable and happens far less with this one than others.

It is partially designed for people who can roll themselves – meaning that if you’re larger and need to have it sticking out on both sides of you to aid the people rolling you, then it might be too small – one thing you could consider is measuring 75cm with a piece of string and placing it under you to check. Other than that, I fully recommend it, and use mine a lot.

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