This image shows two AT Ultra Light Switches. One is yellow and one is blue

AT Ultra-Light Switch

One Switch, £25

This will be quite a short one. When I got an Xbox, my first proper games console ever, as soon as I tried the regular controller, I knew that it wouldn’t work for me. The joystick was stiff, the buttons were hard to press, and I couldn’t reach everything.

Between the generosity of Special Effect And Microsoft, I was set up with a kit that worked for me reasonably well. That is to say, I’m still very much learning how to use it, and I haven’t managed to perfect it yet, but I’m getting there. The major part of the kit is the Xbox adaptive controller, and the AT Ultra-Light switch is a smaller part, but the crucial one.

This switch is incredibly lightweight, requiring only 28g of pressure to press. This means even my weakest fingers could manage it. It’s frustratingly large, I would rather that it was far smaller, so that I could lay out switches closer together. It’s also not waterproof, which isn’t a problem for me when using it on my Xbox, but means that I wouldn’t be able to use it to adapt, for example, my wheelchair.

It comes with a sticky back, but I didn’t find the back very sticky, so I replaced it with Velcro. This means that I can Velcro it to whatever layout I’m using, keeping it secure, but movable.

It is not programmable, which might make it frustrating when used with a computer, but as a single switch for my Xbox controller, it is almost perfect. Just a shame about the size.