A black curved padded rest for the arm is shown attached to bendable black metal

ErgoRest Forearm Supports

These forearm supports are designed to clamp to a desk, and support ones forearms over the keyboard. They reduce the physical work involved in typing.

I didn’t have high hopes for these, as I couldn’t see what they would do for me. I usually work from my bed, and I fundamentally didn’t understand the point of these forearm rests, especially when not using a desk. Or at least I didn’t understand the point until I started using them – and now I always use a desk in order to use them. I have trouble holding my arms and fingers over a keyboard for any length of time, and this massively impedes any typing I might try and do.

The Ergorest forearm support allows my hands to glide across the keyboard with minimal input from me. It only takes a small motion and relies far less on muscle strength. They clamp to a desk surface and you can easily set the height on them by twisting a screw. They substituted for an ability to stretch easily over the keyboard in a way I found very useful.

The design of the screws makes it possible to have these at a wide variety of heights above the desk, but can make it hard to put the armrests at the same height on both sides – and it infuriates me when they’re not. However, the amount of versatility in their use the screws offer me seems to make it worthwhile to put up with the asymmetry of any positioning of them I attempt.

Because they have 360 degree joints, it’s possible to swivel them, making it really easy to set them at the right position for whatever work I’m doing. I regularly swap keyboards, and it’s useful how easy it is for me to change them around.

I would like, ideally, to find a way of mounting these on my wheelchair also. They make it a lot easier to do things using my arms, to handwrite as well as type, to draw. They would help in the kitchen with cutting vegetables. They’re such a versatile tool, and one I wish I’d known about years ago.