A black vertical mouse with three silver buttons

Evoluent Vertical Mouse

I had high hopes for this mouse from the outset. I had read about it ahead of getting it, and I thought it would give me what I needed. This is because it isn’t just a mouse, it has multiple programmable functions and is sensitive to the slightest movement.

This sensitivity means that if my hand twitches I’m liable to end up across the screen from where I intended to be, but also that when I needed it to move, it did. On top of this, the programmable features add countless functions.

With them, I can program functions such as undo, redo, cut, copy, and paste to respond to touches of a single button on the mouse. Having this capacity is really useful, and the mouse can also be trained for use with different programs. If I want buttons to function differently in a word document and a browser, all I have to do to is change the button press associated with that function. The mouse even allows me to program different functions again if two buttons are pressed at the same time. It feels like the mouse is almost too clever for me, I haven’t yet gotten used to using all the functions on it let alone memorising all of the buttons, but I’m getting there.

I almost wished this mouse was simpler, but one huge advantage it has is that it can be used alongside a different mouse. I quite often do this with my keyboard, where I use the tracker ball to move the mouse around the window and then the buttons on the Evoluent mouse.