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Google Voice Access (with Google Assistant)

For people who use iPhones, there’s Siri – but if you use Android phones, there is a way of controlling them entirely by voice.

Google Voice Access integrates with Google Assistant to allow you to control your phone quickly and easily using your voice.  I have been using the Beta program for about 18 months, but it has finally launched, and I can’t recommend it more wholeheartedly. It expands the capacities of Google Assistant to allow you to interact with your phone screen vocally and in a hands-free manner. To do this, it tags anywhere you might want to tap with numbers, which you just have to say in order to tap. It works beyond that as well – and the newest version is a lot less buggy than I used to find it.

It has an array of commands from “go home” to “show notifications” “switch off Wifi” or “open [app name]” and inside the apps you can interact with them using the numbers system – it works very well with Medisafe, for example.

It also has typing functions, which I really like. They aren’t ideal and it often struggles with my voice (which is affected by my condition), but they’re more than enough for general messaging. It allows me not only to type, but also to edit what I’ve written. I can move the cursor where I want it, or rephrase an entire sentence. I would struggle to write an essay with it, but I can easily write a good blog post (that said, I nearly emailed someone today to say “thank you for taking hair off my dog” rather than “thank you for taking care of my dog” – so it always pays to check thoroughly.

It has quite a steep learning curve, and I’m still getting used to using it. However, it’s been great for making my phone easier to use more flexibly, including when I can’t type on it.