A blue square containing a stylized white pill outline, split in half

Medisafe App

I use Medisafe to manage my medication. It is an app available for Android and Apple (although I have only ever used it on Android). Its basic function is as a medication reminder, but it also has settings to remind you of repeat prescriptions, and a way of contacting a friend if your medications haven’t been marked as taken.

I have a collection of medications, some of which are every three months, others three or four times a day, or specific days of the week, or every few days – there is very little rhythm or routine. This obviously makes them hard to remember, and I very quickly start to struggle. I was thrilled to find Medisafe, which I now use for all my reminders.

The home screen displays a pillbox divided into four sections, Morning, Afternoon, Evening, and Night. When you add a medication, you name it (this can be the active ingredient, or can be a name you use to represent it. You set what time you want reminding, and how many times a day, and you set the schedule. You then choose a shape and colour to display in your ‘pill box’, and can set food instructions, dosages, and prescription refill dates if you wish.

Medisafe is a very annoying app – and with a medication reminder app that’s essential. You can set up to ten reminders per medication, and a snooze duration of 5 minutes to 2 hours, it does sound, vibration, and LED light reminders. You can set it to popup when it reminds you (thus interrupting whatever you were using your phone for), and you can shake your phone to tell it you’ve taken the medication. You can ask it to remind you to bring your meds with you every day, and you can set a different schedule for weekend medications.

It also has a setting called “Medfriend” where you can ask it to contact a friend if you haven’t marked your medication as taken, though I’ve never succeeded in getting that working.