A black keyboard with rollerball

Mini Accuratus Keyboard (Ceratech)

I received this through my Disabled Students Allowance equipment when I returned to Uni, and what I received wasn’t quite what I was expecting. I was provided with the “Accuratus 500 K82D Mini Light Touch Keyboard with Rollerball, Black, USB”. I had assumed this would be a smaller keyboard, suitable for someone without great reach or typing one-handed, but actually it was a lot larger than I had anticipated.

Once you allow for the tracker ball on the and taking up a considerable amount of space, then the sizing on this keyboard becomes more reasonable however I still would not describe it as really, and I do find that it requires both hands, I cannot get enough reach using just one hand, which disappointed me. It is mini because it doesn’t have number keys, not because the keys it has are smaller.

I had also hoped that the keys would be easier to press than they turned out to be. While the keyboard is light touch, I had been hoping for something easier than the Surfacebook Pro keyboard is. In fact this keyboard is notably harder. Its main advantage is the trackball. This allows me to very easily move the mouse around the screen, and works well in conjunction with the aforementioned Evoluent mouse.

I do find myself using this keyboard a bit but it isn’t what I would overall dream of.  My ideal computer setup would probably involve a keyboard I could use easily one handed, with chorded typing, and a series of buttons and switches for mouse functions. However, this wired keyboard is often quite useful, and despite the drawbacks I do use it.