a bright pink box, with 'nimble' written on it in white. On the front left corner of the box is a picture of a person pointing forwards with a yellow thimble on their finger. There is a window in the box, showing the same yellow thimble inside it.

Nimble Safety Cutter

Nimble Cutting Tool, £7.95, trabasack.com

The Nimble one-finger safety cutter is a replacement for scissors, whether you’re crafting or opening boxes. For people who struggle with dexterity with scissors, or just for ease of cutting, this is a really useful tool.

I was wary when I first saw it, as it looked like it would be very easy to cut yourself with it, but in actuality it seemed to be a safe tool, good at cutting paper, bad at accidentally cutting humans (which is, of course, a good thing). It’s a yellow rubber/silicone thimble worn on the finger, with an embedded ceramic blade. Even when I tried, it’s almost impossible to cut yourself with it, while I had no trouble cutting anything else. I don’t know how this wizardry is achieved, but I’m in favour of it.

I’m not very good at craft projects, and if asked to cut a straight line with a pair of scissors would be completely unable. With this on my finger, I can easily cut a neat straight line into a sheet of paper or card, meaning craft projects might be possible after all! It’ll take a while for me to assess how useful it really is, but I’m very optimistic.