This image shows the Media Mount on the Trabasack Curve Connect. The Curve Connect is a flat semi-circular bag. Standing up on it is an iPad, supported by the Media Mount - a 'snake' that velcros to the surface of the Curve Connect and supports the iPad, wrapping around the bottom of it.

Trabasack Media Mount

Media Mount, £19.95,

The Media Mount is an ingenious designed item that works with their ‘Connect’ range of bags. Shaped rather like a snake, it is a long black tube of fabric with a firm filling and loops at both ends. On the bottom of the fabric is a strip of velcro, which attaches it securely to their bags.

The tube of fabric is designed to hold phones, books, tablets etc onto the Trabasack bag, in an upright position, making them easier to see and use. It is made of the same fabric as the Trabasack Connect bags, meaning that hook and loop tape attached to an item will stick to the Media Mount as well.

I’ve found it really useful just placed round the edge of the bag, when I’m not using it. It gives the bag high sides and means it’s even harder to knock things off the surface of the bag. This is the main thing I use it for, to be honest.

As a Media Mount, it works alright. I sometimes zig-zag it on top of itself to provide a firm back, then stick my phone or tablet to it (they both have hook and loop tape on the back) to secure them in place.

Because it’s quite a thick tube, I find it often obscures the bottom 1/3 to 1/5 of a screen if wrapped round it (as shown in the image). This would be a huge pain if you were watching a film, but is far less of a problem reading a scrolling document.

If you’re getting one of the Trabasack Connect bags, it would be a shame not to complement it with this media mount. Its use is varied depending on what you want to use your device for, but I rely on it absolutely to help me keep things on the surface of my Trabasack Mini Connect (see my review here).