The clear tenura extreme grip adhesive mat in its packaging

Tenura Extreme Grip Mats

I bought this on the recommendation of a friend. I am as clumsy as they come, and I keep almost knocking my laptop off my wheelchair, items off my desk, and generally leaving a trail of destruction behind me. This sticks to the item you’re holding in place and the surface you’re holding it to, preventing things from constantly flying off. When it loses its stick, you just have to wash it up to make it sticky again. Great, I thought.

Annoyingly it doesn’t stick to the keyboard of my main machine, which is the Surface Pro. I have one of the type covers and it’s the wrong material for the Tenura mat. This makes it a bit less useful than I’d hoped, but as a product it still has a lot of promise, and is ideal for sticking another of my laptops to desks and other surfaces.

The grip is extreme to the point where I can’t remove it independently at all when two things are stuck together, but that also guarantees that my laptop won’t go flying off if I come to a sudden halt (well, there are no guarantees, but it certainly makes my laptop safer).

This would be very useful for lots of things, chief among them sticking a dining plate firmly to the table, allowing someone to eat with one hand, without the plate moving everywhere. I would really recommend it for anything that involves sticking one smooth surface securely to another smooth surface, but in my experience it doesn’t stick other things nearly as well.