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ToDoIst is a to do list and reminder app. It’s available for Android and Apple but also as a web based program, a browser extension, and standalone programs.

Rarely do I think a subscription model is worth purchasing, but if anything was, it would be premium on Todoist. I’ve had free trials of premium and will be paying for it when those trials run out.

There are many to-do list apps, Remember the Milk and Wunderlist being well known, but despite them I chose to use Todoist. Why? It does location based reminders – so if I need to do something whenever I get home, I can. It allows me say to my phone “note to self, schedule blog post tomorrow”. It keeps track of my tasks – a simple request to make of a to-do list program, but one that many of the apps I’ve tried have failed.

I own a basic android tablet which my PAs (carers) have to use while at work, and Todoist is probably the main reason why I own it. I needed an app that would let me add tasks for my PAs to do, and then observe when those tasks were ticked off. I needed all the jobs that were repeated daily come up on the app in that pattern, while the ones that only needed doing monthly repeated on that schedule.

I needed to choose an app that would be simple. I didn’t want to have to worry about my PAs picking it up, or to do training sessions to teach PAs how to use it. I wanted something where marking tasks as done was simple and intuitive – and that’s why I chose Todoist. It’s something everyone has picked up quickly, and it’s made sure that all the jobs get done on time.

I find it incredibly useful for my own tasks as well. If I need to remember something in 4 weeks time, I can just type (or dictate) “in 4 weeks…” and Todoist puts the reminder in for me. It has a very simple but intelligent system for understanding requests phrased like that – certainly one of its many strengths.

I would say the only drawback is a lot of the good features are reserved for Premium – but I had several free trials of premium over time, and each time decided it was absolutely worth paying for. I can’t recommend it more highly.

(Please note that Todoist gave me a free trial of premium after this review was first published. This hasn’t altered my review in any way)