On the left of the picture there is a stack of coiled velcro cable ties in a variety of colours. On the right are some of these cable ties lined up in a row.

Velcro Cable-Ties

Velcro cable-ties, 50 for £4.29, ebay.co.uk

Between medications, medical devices, the hundreds of electronics I like within reach, and then all those bits and bobs one accumulates, my bed area is very cluttered with things I struggle to reach. In order to keep things where I want them (and prevent them falling out of reach), I use velcro everything, and especially velcro cable ties.

My bed has bars on the side, which help prevent me falling and give me some assistance in positioning – they’re also really useful for holding wires, cables, and everything else I want within reach. In order to attach things to them, I use loops of velcro cable tie. We only put the bars down on one side of the bed usually, so I keep everything attached on the other side, and it works really well for me.

I buy them cheap and in bulk, they’re also very useful for attaching things to my wheelchair, keeping all the chargers for my electronics neatly sorted. Because they’re colour coded it helps me quickly point out to PAs which wire belongs to which product, which is useful when I can’t reach the items for myself.