InvaCare Robin Ceiling Hoist

Invacare Robin Ceiling Hoist

When I received the Joerns Voyager Ceiling track hoist, I really struggled with it, due to the fact that a large box lowered itself down, and the battery life barely got me in and out of my chair without alarming. After about a month, my OT replaced it with the Invacare Robin, which was the hoist she had initially ordered for me.

Unlike the Joerns Voyager, where a box lowered itself to my level to which I couldbe strapped, the Invacare Robin simply lowers two straps on a seatbelt-like material, with the attachment points at the end. This is a lot safer as there is not a heavy block swinging around. Furthermore, to charge it, you merely plug the controller into a little holder, rather than having to remove the battery.

When it first arrived it was very out of battery, and I was concerned when it sometimes hoisted me and sometimes didn’t, but after an extended period of charging it now seems to behave wonderfully.

It feels a lot safer to me, and while I was worried that I would swing around more, I have actually found that I am possibly more stable, due to being held onto straps, than I was when I was held on one with the Joerns Voyager.

It operates very smoothly, and I am very confident using it. The only problem I have is that if someone tries to move me around something, upon which it has a tendency to swing quite alarmingly, and suddenly feel unstable – but overall it’s great.