The Kinetic Balance Rack Pack, a grey bag, clipped to the frame of a white manual wheelchair.

Kinetic Balance Care Adapter

Care Adapter, €9,

This is not suitable for mounting onto wheelchairs without a vertical pole on which the bag should sit. For most electric wheelchair users, you will need an adapter that mounts on a horizontal pole instead, like this:

Rixen Kaul Mini-Klickfix Bracket, £10.84,

This is a review of the Care Adapter, which is designed to mount the Kinetic Balance Rack Pack onto a wheelchair. I cannot speak more highly of the Rack Pack (reviewed here), but I had more problems with the Care Adapter, before eventually finding a solution.

Electric wheelchairs are all very different, but what we often lack is what the ‘Care Adapter‘ for the rack pack requires – a well-placed vertical tube. It took me a number of attempts to understand the (very unclear) instructions for the Care Adapter, and work out how it attached to chairs at all, before enlisting a friend with better dexterity than myself to fit it. However, we discovered there was no way of attaching it to my electric wheelchair.

Someone more able to lean forward could have attached it to the vertical tubes of their leg-rest, as shown in the pictures of manual wheelchair users on their website. That didn’t work for me, and the Care Adapter doesn’t correctly attach to the horizontal bars I have aplenty.

Helpfully, the Kinetic Balance Rack Pack is designed to use a Rixen Kaul adapter. These are made by Rixen Kaul to be fitted onto bicycles – often the handlebars or seat pole – to hold bags for cyclists. This meant that when I needed a solution, I was able to find an adapter designed to be mounted on both vertical and horizontal poles, which would fit the bag. I bought it, and when it arrived the instructions were again very unclear, as well as it again requiring dexterity. It is clear that the unclear instructions and challenging fitting system are a feature of Rixen Kaul brackets, but they were frustrating.

I definitely preferred the Care Adapter sold by Kinetic Balance for usability – its lock and release system was far easier to manage, and if you have a vertical bar to mount your bag on then it will be perfect for you. If you only have horizontal bars, the one I found will do the job fine.

Once I had this attached I was ready and on my way, with a great grab bag to use day to day. I strongly recommend that you buy the Kinetic Balance Rack Pack (see my review) but if you’ve only got horizontal bars, skip buying the Care Adapter and buy this (link) instead. If your fine motor control isn’t great, make sure you’ve got someone to help you mount it though!