Meru Flexzi containing an ipad

Meru Flexzi Phone Mount

Meru, from £55 (£79 with heavy duty clamp). Extension kit £15

The Flexzi 2 made by Meru is a flexible gadget stand, suitable for mounting phones, tablets, switches, kindles, remote controls, and anything else you might want. I use it with the heavy duty clamp, and the extension  kit, you can also buy a quick release camera mount that also sticks to it. The way the flexzi works, is that there is a clamp which you attach to your wheelchair (or bed, table etc), and then two strands of moveable plastic. Each strand is made up of lots of smaller segments, and the two strands can be twisted round each other to increase their stability. At the end, they come together in a large round piece of rough velcro. You then attach soft velcro to whatever you wish to stick to the mount, and it holds it steady.

I’ve used this to support anything from a 2kg laptop down, and whilst I don’t trust it absolutely, I find it very useful. I keep my phone and tablet in otterbox cases for safety, then superglue the velcro to them, and attach that to the mount. I’ve never had the mount’s velcro fail on me. I haven’t tried their camera mount, but it’s designed to stick onto the surface of the flexzi mount, and screw using a universal adapter onto the camera, to stabilise it.

This mount makes it possible for me to message or dictate from my phone as I go, and doesn’t rely on me holding it, which I can’t do without dropping it. I find that the two strands are easy enough to bend for me to position it where I want, but firm enough that they don’t move during the day-to-day use.

The Flexzi 2 allows me to be certain when out and about that my phone will never fall or be dropped. This gives me a degree of independence I wouldn’t otherwise have, as if I drop my phone, I have no hope of picking it back up again. I can’t emphasise enough just how much I love this product.