Molift Smart 150

Molift Smart 150

Mobility Smart, £2618.69 plus travel case, £574.95

The Molift Smart 150 is a folding mobile hoist. A mobile hoist is one that is not attached to the floor, bed, walls, or ceiling. Instead it rolls across the floor freely, giving you far more choice about where to position it as it isn’t set to a fixed point.

I use a gantry hoist normally. A gantry hoist is a hoist bar fixed to two poles, which creates a fixed line along which you could move. In contrast a mobile hoist can be moved anywhere. However, a mobile hoist is a far more bumpy ride, and very much requires a second person.

The advantage of the Molift Smart 150 is that it fits into its own box. When I ordered this, It looked a lot smaller than it actually was. I had been expecting something that could pack into what seemed like a large suitcase, it was in fact something a lot more coffin-sized than that.

The advantage of this hoist is that it is relatively easy to travel with (at least when compared to a gantry hoist!). If you’re travelling in a car, if you put a seat down it should make enough room. You would struggle to get it on a train, you would get some funny glances if you try to take it on an aeroplane (though in theory it would be permitted), but driving it around England, Scotland and Wales especially is really quite easy.

The Molift Smart 150 folding is shown in this video here. Managing to fold it carefully enough to get it back into the suitcase box has been really quite difficult. Sometimes it has taken three of us an hour to fold in but other times it was done in five minutes. This suggests that the hoist maybe isn’t designed quite as well as one would hope.

Once it is out and folded and up to position it is a very good, sturdy, and reliable hoist. My bedroom is carpeted and not very large but we still manage to get the hoist around it when necessary. I’ve never been concerned that it would try and fold up with me in it. It is also rated for quite a significant weight (24 stone or 150 kg) so people far larger than myself would still be safe.

Because it is small, even though it is sturdy and solid, it is far harder to move and turn than a larger mobile hoist would be (though fits into tighter spaces). I would be wary of owning this as my main hoist, especially because if only one person uses it for solo hoisting, they’re busy pushing the hoist and the person in the sling is rather thrown around, but it’s definitely good for travel.