Kinetic Balance Rack Pack, a grey bag with brown leather trimmings, clipped to the frame of a white manual wheelchair.

Kinetic Balance Rack Pack

Rack Pack,€59,

The Rack Pack is a great bag, and has become my staple for the smaller items I carry with me on a daily basis. I thoroughly recommend it. It’s strong, stylish, and (when it works) the care adapter idea for attaching it to a chair is genius (see my review).

When I browsed their website, I noticed that the bag was primarily advertised at manual wheelchair users, so I got in touch because I was keen to review it from the perspective of an electric wheelchair user. They kindly sent me one to review, and I have only good things to say about the bag itself.

Despite looking smaller than I’d expected, there was room to spare inside. It easily held everything I carry (lots of keys, card wallet, coin purse, notebook, pen, cables, portable phone charger, headphones, phone, notebook, pen, travel pass…). The box-like structure of the inside makes plenty of space for items, while the padded segment of the bag was a good place to keep my phone and portable charger.

A hand inside the Kinetic Balance Rack Pack, whose interior is bright orange.
Kinetic Balance Rack Pack (interior)

The outside of the bag is a stylish and smart grey, which goes with everything, and it has a neat brown leather trim. Inside the bag is bright orange, making it very easy to see what’s inside it. The design doesn’t scream “disability”, but it has all sorts of useful parts – long leather tabs to pull on the zip, card and pen pockets that are angled just right for someone to pull items out of a bag sat next to them. Inside there are lots of small pockets for holding debit cards, business cards etc, and a large space suitable for all the ‘other bits’ one acquires. I really felt like it was missing a clip to attach ones keys, but that was all. The practical design of the inside means that things are generally stay where I’ve put them when they’re inside my bag.

When I’m carrying computing equipment, I tend to use a different bag resting on my lap, but when I’m just going out with my daily essentials the fact that this bag easily clips and unclips to my wheelchair is really helpful, as well as feeling very secure. Because the bag is small and narrow, having it inside my armrest doesn’t interfere with my seated position at all, and it is neatly shielded by the armrest.

One of the key features of the bag is its ability to mount onto a wheelchair, and it is here that I ran into problems. The adapter is designed to mount on a vertical pole – something most manual wheelchairs have, but a lot of electric wheelchairs don’t. My chair didn’t have any vertical ones within my reach, only horizontal ones, and thus the care adapter didn’t work. Luckily I found a solution, and you can read about that in my review of the care adapter (link).

I really cannot recommend this neat and smart bag more highly as a bag for carrying the every-day essentials. It is high quality, with (almost) everything I would want out of a bag. The problems with the care adapter were an irritation, but once I’d solved those, the bag was perfect. Now that I own this one, I’m very keen to look at buying their backpack – my bags should match (or is that just an excuse?)