This image shows a wheelchair cosy

Wheelchair Cosy

Complete Care Shop, £19.99

A couple of winters ago, I bought the wheelchair cosy from the complete care shop. I get cold very easily, and can’t warm myself up once I’m cold. I wanted something waterproof to prevent rain pooling in my lap, and something that would keep me a bit warmer.

I can’t pretend that this is completely winter proof. I still get cold wearing it, but I am far warmer than I would be without it. I’ve worn it in a lot of rain, and while I was concerned that the zip would let water in, it still seems to be quite waterproof.

It is designed to fit a manual wheelchair, with a tab at the back and elastic loops, to go over the armrests and hold it far enough back in the chair. In my electric wheelchair, I just shove that tab down between the backrest and the seat cushion.

My criticisms of this are on the grounds of style. In winter, I really feel like I have to choose between being warm enough, and looking decent. This winter, I am considering purchasing skiwear, and have already bought thermals, because I want to find a way of looking stylish.

I often feel like clothing design for disabled people is entirely functional, with no idea that we might also want to look smart. This is in the better half of clothing aimed at disabled people certainly, but I still feel very uncomfortable wearing it.

If you know anything about winter wear for disabled people, and can recommend anything that will be warm enough, while still looking good, tell me about it!

I’ve recently bought an excellent coat for warmth, but I’m finding that while it does keep me warm it’s not brilliantly designed for sitting. I will probably pay to get it adjusted at some point, so if you know anyone good at adjusting clothes also tell me!